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This project holds a very special place in my nostalgic heart. Why, you ask? Easy … it contains some of the most memorable video game characters from my adolescence. Countless nights and weekends were spent trying to perfect my Street Fighting moves, all while continually yelling over my shoulder to a frustrated mom, “This is the last match, I promise!” Fast-forward 15+ years and I now have the privilege of working on the marketing for the re-launch of this epic gaming franchise. When Capcom’s product manager and I started talking about ideas for a unique way to show off the upcoming Street Fighter re-launch through video, we landed on a GREAT concept that hit at the heart of Street Fighter nostalgia … or “Streetstalgia” as I call it. We decided to license the rights to a song entitled “You’re The Best” off of the Karate Kid movie soundtrack. The song’s title and lyrics lead us to the idea of creating a virtual Street Fighter tournament through video. We broke down the fighters, created a bracket of winners and losers, and teased a final payoff match at the end of each trailer. Who will be the best? That’s the question we asked and answered in these trailers.

The 3 trailers have received loads of praise online. Xbox 360’s Joystiq even gave the trailers the distinction of “best trailer ever created.” But don’t take my word for it … here’s Joystiq’s full quote:

We’re so sorry, other game trailers, but your day has come. Starry Night? Bested. Mad World? Beaten. What game managed to beat some of the best game trailers ever created? You’re going to be surprised, but it’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. We absolutely will not spoil it for you, so you’re just going to have to watch. We suggest that you do so right now. And remember, sweep the leg

Read the full article here.

You can find all three trailers online, but for convenience, I’m posting the first one here on the blog if you want to check it out:

By all accounts, the trailers turned out terrific. This is one example where a good online trailer can move the needle of sales more than traditional ad media like TV or print. GO STREET FIGHTER!!


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