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Founder's Blog | Mediajuice 2008 Reel

In the summer of 2007, I decided we needed a new reel. Mediajuice was entering its third year, and our portfolio of work had really grown significantly. The concept that me and my fellow Mediajuicer’s decided best portrayed who Mediajuice is and what we are about, was (and is) — Mediajuice, where ideas come to life! To that end, we created an animated intro with a cute little light bulb as our mascot. When he’s dropped onto the Mediajuice conveyor belt of production, he comes alive with the ideas of Mediajuice. From there he is off to be produced as a website, a TV ad, an official trailer, or a host of other products. We shot my live-action scenes in our green screen studio and added the Mediajuice production room and conveyor belt in post. If you’re curious about Mr. Idea Bulb’s journey from concept to creation, give the ’08 Reel a look and learn about Mr. Idea Bulb and Mediajuice!

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