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The history between Capcom and Mediajuice goes back about 5 years ago when I met who is now one of my favorite people and most savvy marketers I’ve ever met, Emily Anadu. Emily was working at Atari at the time, who we were also producing video and online content for. Since Emily’s time at Capcom we have produced many great trailers, TV ads and sizzle videos for Capcom’s legendary stable of properties. I’d be remiss without mentioning another of Capcom’s great marketers who we have and continue to work closely with, John Diamonon. John has commissioned and collaborated with the Mediajuice team on some of the best work we have ever created. Here in this commentary I give a brief behind the scenes look at several of our favorite Capcom projects and the collaboration and production sensibilities that went into each. We are still hard at work each quarter producing new content for Capcom, but this gives a historical look back at the past few years. Enjoy!

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