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I’m very excited to tell you about the last two projects we just completed! The Biggest Loser is by far one of the most popular, most watched shows on TV right now so we were thrilled to be able to work on the trailers for the Wii & Xbox 360 with Kinect games based on The Biggest Loser. For The Biggest Loser: Challenge on Wii, we decided to emulate the tone of the music from the show as well as start with clips from the actual show to get people into the “Biggest Loser” frame of mind. From there it was all about editing choices and motion graphics, both which came together nicely. For The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout on Xbox 360 with Kinect the challenge was to communicate the key features of the game as well as the innovative new technology the Kinect brings to gaming AND working out! We collaborated closely with our client THQ and decided that a live action shoot showing someone actually interacting with the game and Kinect was the best way to accomplish this and in the end, the final project really sizzles! Check out both trailers and let us know what you think!

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