Mediajuice Studios was founded in the Fall of 2004 by Jeremy Snead. Our first client, Atari, commissioned us to produce many TV spots, trailers, and sizzle reels for the popular anime franchise Dragon Ball Z. Other well known Atari franchises like Backyard Sports, Neverwinter Nights and The Matrix video game were among some of Mediajuice’s early projects. From those early Dragon Ball Z and Atari beginnings, the Mediajuice team has grown and taken on more top-tier clients like Hasbro, Activision, Capcom, Microsoft, Konami, and many more.

Between 2009 to 2013, equipped with a passion for the game industry, Mediajuice founder Jeremy Snead embarked on a documentary journey to produce the studio's first feature-length film, Video Games: The Movie, which was well-received and sparked the studio's follow-up series Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed. Mediajuice continues to work with a host of video game, corporate, tech, consumer products, and entertainment companies on a variety of projects.


It’s always a joy to be entrusted with a client’s product or service. The challenge in creating meaningful marketing collateral has always been a welcome one here at Mediajuice.

“Where ideas come to life” is not just a company tagline; it’s become a way of life at the studio.

Sometimes creative comes easy, sometimes not. The key is to remain committed to a process that not only delivers on quality but allows the client the opportunity to have visibility and input. Being precious about the work just doesn’t serve the client or the end goal.


Go big or go home? Sure. But sometimes, small is better. And sometimes it isn’t. Gauging what’s needed for a trailer or commercial to “hit” takes both a 30,000-foot perspective and a worm's eye view. The Mediajuice process creates an environment where both perspectives are explored to ensure the bullseye is a hit on the creative.


We make great trailers, TV spots, and promotional video content of every shape, size, and color. Are we right for you? Well, if our clients have anything to say about it, maybe we are. You be the judge.