Alison Haislip

Alison Haislip

Welcome to the Mediajuice Podcast, featuring Mediajuice founder and CEO Jeremy Snead. Join Jeremy and his podcast producer Jeremiah Isley every week as they give you an insider’s view of filmmaking, production, video games, and chat with guests known for their work both behind and in front of the camera!

I've wanted to start (or restart) my podcast for a long time, and I finally committed to doing it a couple of months ago. We (Mediajuice) had a podcast wayyy back in 2007/8, but it was really just a glorified client showcase, which was fine but it wasn't something I really enjoyed doing weekly, so it sort of fizzled out after a couple of years. I knew that if I were going to actually do a podcast, I would need a good podcast producer to keep me on track and make sure each episode is produced and posted weekly.

So after about 2 weeks of searching, I found Sir Jeremiah Isley, a great dude who's got some experience producing audio but more importantly after talking with him a few times I could tell that he was a kindred spirit. He's a geek at heart, loves tabletop gaming, film and television talk, but most importantly doesn't mind listening to me yammer on about things I love like filmmaking, gaming, marketing and the like.

My pal Alison Haislip graciously agreed to be on our inaugural episode and we had fun (as I knew we would) talking about how we met, our adventures together and what she's been up to the past couple of months. Bonus! Alison talks about her Gen Con exclusive collectible "Ali-san."

We also talk about our newest client at Mediajuice: Amazon Channels! We've been producing sizzle videos and trailers for Amazon Channels the past few months, a new service from Amazon where you can aggregate all your favorite cable networks & shows in 1 place. Check out our client showcase on the Our Work page of the site.

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