Neo Edmund

Neo Edmund

Welcome to the Mediajuice Podcast, featuring Mediajuice founder and CEO Jeremy Snead. Join Jeremy and his podcast producer Jeremiah Isley every week as they give you an insider’s view of filmmaking, production, video games, and chat with guests known for their work both behind and in front of the camera!

Today Jeremy welcomes his longtime friend Neo Edmund into the "Green Room," as they chat screenwriting, being cool, and the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!

In the "Behind the Curtain" segment, we get a look at Jeremy's own origin story. And in this week's "Cutscene" segment the guys discuss God of War which recently released for the PS4, as well as a chat about tabletop gaming.

Here are the links Jeremiah promised during today's Cutscene segment:

  • Coup: Coup is a great, fast playing bluffing and deduction game. You can play a game with up to 5 players in less than ten minutes, but you'll want to play it again, and again...
  • Carcassonne: A staple game that needs to be on everyone's shelf! Easy to learn, tile placing game that has withstood the test of time. A true classic!
  • Star Realms: One of the best deck-building games, ever. With a $15 box of cards, you've got a great 2-player game. If you'd rather play a fantasy theme, check out Hero Realms.
  • King of New York: This is the game that Alison Haislip has been immortalized in. It turns out the game is also great! There's an easier to learn version (King of Tokyo), but in my opinion King of New York is where it's at. (Keep in mind the Ali-Son character is a promo item you'll have to hunt down.)

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