Ryan “Fchamp” Ramirez

Ryan "Fchamp" Ramirez

Welcome to the Mediajuice Podcast, featuring Mediajuice founder and CEO Jeremy Snead. Join Jeremy and his podcast producer Jeremiah Isley every week as they give you an insider’s view of filmmaking, production, video games, and chat with guests known for their work both behind and in front of the camera!

Esports champion and competitive gamer Ryan “Fchamp” Ramirez joins Jeremy and Jeremiah today on the Mediajuice podcast! Ryan gives his origin story, explains what it takes to be a pro player today, how sponsorships work, and the current state of esports. The guys also talk about the state of Star Wars in this week’s "Cutscenes" segment, then Jeremy wraps it all up by finishing his “Talent” series in "Behind the Curtain." You won’t want to miss this action-packed AND educational episode!

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